Flexplates Division

The flexplates are manufactured in the Starter gear division of Ring Plus Aqua. With sophisticated manufacturing line, stringent process control & enhanced validation & testing facility RPAL has proven its flexplate capability by offering complete design solution with advanced CAE Software. We have in-house pressing machines & expertise in tool design to develop numerous intricate shapes. The present capacity is to make 500,000 flexplates per annum, which is the now in the process of further expansion.

Ring Plus Aqua has developed heavy duty flexplates which are used in the racing car application. These flexplates are approved by the SFI, a governing body in the US which ensures that the flexplates are made to satisfy the extremely high standards in terms of safety and durability.

Key Features

Complete design and development solution
CNC controlled Static Balancing machine
Uniform MIG Welding
Gear tooth fatigue test & spin burst test
High Speed Laser Welding Machine