Who We Are

  • Overview

    Leading auto-component manufacturer with history of 35+ years and a strong global presence. Part of a diversified conglomerate; was acquired by the Raymond Group in the year 2005.
  • Products and End Markets

    High quality portfolio of precision components such as Flywheel Ring Gears, Integral Shaft Water Pump Bearings, Flexplates, Sensor Rings etc. Diversified presence in North America, Europe, India, Asia Pacific across automotive and non-automotive industries such as Agri, Construction & Mining, Marine, Lawn Mower, Power Gen etc. catering to leading OEMs, presence in aftermarket segment as well.
  • Manufacturing Capabilities

    Three integrated manufacturing facilities located in Nashik for gears and bearings division respectively. Significant investments to enhance capacity in the Flexplates segment over the last few years. Current capacity: Ring Gears manufacturing plant: 8 Mn + pcs and 0.62 Mn pcs for Flexplates, Bearing manufacturing plant: 3.9 Mn pcs.
  • Technology

    Strong focus on using technology in manufacturing. Cutting edge technology in Hobbing for improving productivity and speed of process in ring gears. Automatic assembly line and 100% online noise testing facility for bearings. High-speed laser welding facility for flexplates.
Product SKUs
Ring Gear


Ring Gears

Manufacturing Range
150 mm to 1500 mm (OD)

Water Pump Bearings

Manufacturing Range
20 to 60 mm sleeve diameter and 12 to 28 mm shaft


Manufacturing Range
180 mm to 450 mm (OD)

Sensor Rings

Manufacturing Range
150 -1500mm


Ring Plus Aqua’s starter gear division is specialized in the manufacture of Flywheel Starter Ring Gears for petrol, diesel and gas engines. The starter gear division is well equipped with the state-of-the-art ring forming equipment and CNC turning and hobbing machines coupled with in-house heat treatment facilities to meet the stringent quality requirements.
Ring Plus Aqua’s shaft bearing division is a specialized bearing unit dedicated solely to the manufacture of Integral Shaft Bearings in Ball/Ball and Ball/Roller configuration for automotive application. The company started commercial production in March,1989. It has an installed capacity of manufacturing 3 million pieces per annum.
The flexplates are manufactured in the Starter gear division of Ring Plus Aqua. With sophisticated manufacturing line, stringent process control & enhanced validation & testing facility RPAL has proven its flexplate capability by offering complete design solution with advanced CAE Software. We have in-house pressing machines & expertise in tool design to develop numerous intricate shapes. The present capacity is to make 200,000 flexplates per annum, which is the now in the process of further expansion.

We Cater to the diverse needs of our Customers !

Passenger / Commercial Vehicle


Power Generation


Awards and Recognitions

Ring Plus Aqua Ltd. (RPAL) won the coveted Export Excellence Bronze Award in Large Category from ACMA for its superlative export performance in FY18(30% + growth).